To prevent a fall or a shin ding, fit the towbar KING

  • Made of tough long lasting nylon and stainless steel, the towbar KING deflects the legs away from a dangerously protruding tow bar.

  • The wings of the towbar KING can be adjusted towards the vehicle when used on a tow bar that protrudes further than normal.

  • The towbar KING is light and slightly springy to soften the impact of the deflection and the 4.5cm bumper style edge spreads the impact area.

Common questions

Does the price include NZ GST?

Yes, the cost of the towbar KING includes GST.

Does the price include delivery?

No, the price does not include delivery. Delivery is added during checkout.

What size tow ball does the towbar KING support?

The towbar KING fits a tow ball shaft size of 19mm - 25mm (3/4" - 1").

What kind of tow bar is compatible with the towbar KING?

Most standard tow bars should be suitable as long as there is a flat surface of at least 20mm surrounding the tow ball, with no obstructions to the side and front of the tow ball (facing away from the vehicle). This is required to ensure that the wings and washer can be firmly secured between the bar and tow ball.

What if my towbar KING covers the safety chain hole?

In some cases the safety chain hole may be covered by your towbar KING. In this instance it is safe to simply drill a complimentary hole through the wing of your towbar KING.

What tow bars are not compatible with the towbar KING?

Tow bars where a flat surface of at least 20mm surrounding the tow ball is NOT available. Tow bars where non-removable items are located immediately to the side and in front of the tow ball (facing away from the vehicle). Swan neck tow bars, there is no flat surface available for the wings and washer to be secured between a bar and a tow ball.

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