The towbar KING

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The world's first adjustable high quality vehicle towbar safety device.

Made of tough long lasting nylon and stainless steel, the towbar KING deflects the legs away from a dangerously protruding tow bar which can extend more than 20cm from the rear of a vehicle. The wings of the towbar KING can be adjusted towards the vehicle when used on a tow bar that protrudes further than normal in order to give full protection at all times.

The device is light and slightly springy to soften the impact of the deflection and the 4.5cm bumper style edge spreads the impact area. In fact it is not possible at any stage for a leg to come in contact with the dangerous tow bar when fitted with the towbar KING.

The towbar KING is the most effective adjustable tow bar leg injury saving device on the market.


The towbar KING supports a tow ball shaft size of 19mm - 25mm (3/4" - 1").

Most standard tow bars should be suitable as long as there is a flat surface of at least 20mm surrounding the tow ball, with no obstructions to the side and front of the tow ball (facing away from the vehicle). This is required to ensure that the wings and washer can be firmly secured between the bar and tow ball.

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